Genuine Windows Validation Error with Microsoft Security Essentials
I cannot get Microsoft Security Essentials because I am getting the Genuine Windows validation errors.
Microsoft Answers Support Engineer


This issue may occur if the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) engine does not have permission to access the data.dat file. In order to confirm this point and resolve the issue, let’s refer to the following steps:

1. Log on to the computer using an Administrator user account
2. Click Start and click My Computer
3. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options
4. Click the View tab.
5. Under Hidden files and folders, check on Show hidden files and folders
6. Click to clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK
7. We will find the file named data.dat under the following folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data

8. Right-click the data.dat file, and click Properties
9. Click theSecurity tab


Note: If the “Security” tab cannot be viewed, please refer to the information after Step 12.

10. Click Advanced

11. In the Name tab, please check if Everyone is listed. If so, please click the Exit button, and check on Full Control. If Everyone is not listed, please click the Add button, enter the name Everyone (without the quotation marks), press Enter from the keyboard, choose Full Control in the pop-up window, and click OK.

12. Please click OK to accept the changes

Please also check the information below regarding viewing of the Security Tab in Window XP Professional Edition.

Note: You will need to restart your computer into Safe Mode to be able to view the Security Tab. To do this, repeatedly press F8 after restarting your computer. Select Safe Mode and log into Windows with an Administrator account.

1.   Click Start, and click My Computer
2.   On the Tools menu, click Folder Options
3.   In the View tab, uncheck the option Use simple file sharing (Recommended) at the bottom of the list

Click OK

Microsoft Answers Support Engineer