Ruby is wonderful until…

Rails allows rapid prototyping and quick releases. You start a new project, and in a few minutes you already have something to show.  Scaffolds, migrations, scopes and models appear very fast. Everybody is happy until long after the release. But then things start to slow down and you turn your attention to logs. Firstly you double-check  that there is no  n+1 queries and everything is preloaded. Later you try to organize things so that only 1 or 2 queries hit the database per http request, maybe offloading user and session handling to in-memory store. Later you offload long operations to background jobs, or maybe even separate applications/scripts. And everything is OK again.

Fast-forward to the point where your user/customer count has multiplied and you start noticing that database load is reflecting user increase. Most possibly there is something with your queries, and some of them may need attention.  You start to log your queries and do some research on database logs. Very soon the list of slowest queries is ready, but amazingly you did not write some of them. Quick grep of log and query is NOT found.  Huh? Is that your super-search gem building a very complex query and running it against raw connection, bypassing activerecord-sql log, at same time assuming you have created index, that he asked you to do in readme-you-never-read? You may never know.



Genuine Windows Validation Error with Microsoft Security Essentials

Genuine Windows Validation Error with Microsoft Security Essentials
I cannot get Microsoft Security Essentials because I am getting the Genuine Windows validation errors.
Microsoft Answers Support Engineer


This issue may occur if the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) engine does not have permission to access the data.dat file. In order to confirm this point and resolve the issue, let’s refer to the following steps:

1. Log on to the computer using an Administrator user account
2. Click Start and click My Computer
3. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options
4. Click the View tab.
5. Under Hidden files and folders, check on Show hidden files and folders
6. Click to clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK
7. We will find the file named data.dat under the following folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data

8. Right-click the data.dat file, and click Properties
9. Click theSecurity tab


Note: If the “Security” tab cannot be viewed, please refer to the information after Step 12.

10. Click Advanced

11. In the Name tab, please check if Everyone is listed. If so, please click the Exit button, and check on Full Control. If Everyone is not listed, please click the Add button, enter the name Everyone (without the quotation marks), press Enter from the keyboard, choose Full Control in the pop-up window, and click OK.

12. Please click OK to accept the changes

Please also check the information below regarding viewing of the Security Tab in Window XP Professional Edition.

Note: You will need to restart your computer into Safe Mode to be able to view the Security Tab. To do this, repeatedly press F8 after restarting your computer. Select Safe Mode and log into Windows with an Administrator account.

1.   Click Start, and click My Computer
2.   On the Tools menu, click Folder Options
3.   In the View tab, uncheck the option Use simple file sharing (Recommended) at the bottom of the list

Click OK

Microsoft Answers Support Engineer


Iphone Posts

How to setup iPhone Hotspot – iOS 4.3

How to setup iPhone Hotspot – iOS 4.3

Telemarketing scam: your computer has a virus!

Just got a lovely call from Microsoft (Indian Voice), telling me my computer had a virus and they were going to help me get rid of it. I have heard a few people getting them at the moment around Melbourne so I thought I would add a few links with details.

Telemarketing scam: your computer has a virus! click for details

Latest update
New twist on computer error message/virus scams: joint warning click for details

If you get a call just hang up!

Trust me microsoft will not call you to help you fix your computer, they would rather you just by a new one.

Thats how they make money!

New Website!!

Welcome to New Rizz.com Website.

Our first major site update since 2005!!

We will start adding products that we provide, which may be a surprise to a few people.

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